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“The loyalty about the nation is an authentic worship of the motherland”

A Succinct Biography of the ultra-age Dalit-Protagonist BAPPUSAHEB BHOSALE

The Founder, International-Convener & President of The DALIT PANTHER of INDIA

A unique, dedicated, non-religious & non-political ace-forum & the global
revolutionary movement for justice & equality to all.

“In my sincere view the word Dalit is not merely confined to the born-attributes of a person like, his caste, religion, race or sex, but essentially- everyone who reels under poverty, ignorant & illiterate, economically & socially exploited and having no courage, strength & awareness and an impartial forum to fight injustice to him/her & the inequality meted out to him/her throughout,
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How the Genius in Bharatratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Touched the Deepest Core of Bappusaheb’s Heart & Shaped His Mindset
On the horizons of the Great Indian Freedom Struggle, the ingenious Dr. Ambedkar was the Light-House on the castle-rock of the ocean of dual movements- first : the freedom of the dear motherland and the other, winning freedom for the Dalits & exploited-classes, ill-treated by their own brethren as slaves. Immediately after
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The Linage & Revolutionary Background of Bappusaheb Bhosale

• Incidentally & ironically- Bappusaheb was born in the culturally rich family having the revolutionary social thoughts & leadership qualities- who were in the forefront of every Dalit Movement in India in the past decades. His respectable father Sadashivrao Bhosale & the grandfather Raoji Bhosale were the noted social workers who relentlessly fought for the Dalit causes.
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The prestigious & apolitical positions held and active participation of Hon. Bappusaheb Bhosale, until now-

• The President of Indo-Tibet Friendship Organization.A world-wide movement of ‘Shake The Tree’ – For creating awareness amongst the global-community about the significance of eco-friendliness & love and regard for the Mother nature. • An ambassador of India for the United Nation’s movement for Free Tibet-UNFFT (USA).
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‘The guiding light of our MISSION is the celestial message of Lord Buddha of Love, Peace & the Non-violence.’

i) Dalit Panther is a forefront organization & forum founded specifically for the cerebral freedom of the humans across the world from the enslaving & unjust social & economic system prevalent for ages together everywhere and securing justice-for-all ! It envisages & encompasses the dedicated and pin-
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