DALIT PANTHER OF INDIA “ A Social Movement For Equality , Justice & Human Rights World Wide “


  • The Organization was conceived, formulated and founded by Bappusaheb Bhosale.

  • The supreme goal of the organization lies in its commitment for securing justice & equality for every soul in the universe.

  • The main activism of peoples’ movement is to throw out the old, outdated & soul-less orthodox social-systems and the hackneyed with the sole-motto of achieving peace, progress & prosperity for our beloved motherland.

  • The DALIT PANTHER of INDIA takes oath to contribute substantially in every possible way for this movement for accomplishing the ultimate goals. That will ensure peace & tranquility, brotherhood, prosperity and well-being for the whole human race.

  • The undertaking of the Dalit Panther Movement comprehends in letter & spirit, the strength & magnitude of the teaching of the Lord Buddha and endeavors to walk on the path of truthfulness, non-violence, equality among humankind, peace & prosperity.

  • The Dalit Panther of India avows to fight for acceptance of every smallest element of society in the mainstream and swears to help people to reach their supreme goals in their lives. Basically creating harmony & congeniality among all classes has remained the chief motif of this revolutionary institution.

  • Igniting self-respect among the exploited & deprived class combined by the awareness about the equality, that only can bring about a healthy atmosphere of mutual trust, communal harmony & tranquility in the way of life of every citizen of the land.

  • Searching & providing opportunity for everyone to ride the progressive path in every field, which will give rise to their confidence and grow the mutual respect & equability.

  • In a nutshell- ‘Every action of The Dalit Panther of India, its highest aspiration & goal will be “for the blissful development of all”- that invariably turn out as indefatigable strength of the nation.

Event & News

Mr Bappusaheb Bhosale To Honor " International Free Tibet Activist Award-2014" Aman Gandhi Film Productions and World Tibet Congress will Honor Famous Activist of India Mr Bappusaheb Bhosale " International Free Tibet Activist Award-2014 " during the Miss Glory of Universe-2014 Pageant On 14th March .2014 at- New Dehli India.

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